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Let Us Manage and Scale Your Ads!

You're One Product Away.

Our Team Gives You Products, Tests, and Scales Them For You!
2 Packages Available:

Ad Management:


1. Get Handed a Product

Get a product handed to you that was found through hours of research by our expert analysts. You're given 6 - 8 products per month. These are untapped products that were found through extensive market research. You'll be given a personal account manager that's available for 24/7 support.

2. Prepare the Product for Testing

You'll be given an in-depth course that will teach you how to build a high converting store, properly prepare your products for testing, and get your video ad made.

3. We Will Test & Scale the Product For You

Once everything is prepared, we will handle 100% of ad management. Sit back and Relax, your ads are being tested and scaled by expert media buyers. 

Price: $700(500)/Month + 20% Profit Share 

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Full Service Management:


1. Join and Connect With Your Personal Account Manager

You will be connected with a personal account manager that will be available for 24/7 support. You'll connect our manager to your ad account, blank store, and Facebook page. That's it, the majority of your work is done until a winner is found!

2. Our Website Designer Builds Your Store and Adds Your Products For You

Once you're connected with your personal account manager, our professional website designer will build you a high converting store. Your store will be filled with 6 - 8 products per month from are research teams list. We test the products for you and handle 100% of ad management.

3. You Fulfill Orders & Set Up Customer Service 

Scaling will be done for you. You will be in charge of order fulfillment and customer service. We will provide a sourcing agent and help you outsource customer service once a winner is found. We will provide support with every component of the business.

Price: $1,500/Month + 20% Profit Share 

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Already Have a Winning Product? Let Us Scale It!

Instructions For Getting Started


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Message From Viral Marketing

You'll benefit from this service if you:

Are just getting started and want to learn from experienced media buyers how to build, test, and grow a store.

Want to bypass the difficulties of learning how to properly do product research, build a website, test products properly, and scale your ads while focusing on maintaining maximum profitability. Just let our experts do it for you, while you watch every step of the way!

Want to outsource the laborious task of searching for products for hours every day.

Our research team is dedicated to finding untapped products and spends hours every day researching the market to provide our clients with products that are worth testing. Winning products are becoming increasingly difficult to find, that's why we created a system, that our team uses, to discover unsaturated products, allowing our clients to see high-profit margins when a winner is found.


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